In these General Conditions of Sale (hereinafter referred to as "GCS") are agreed by:
"SAS La Serre au Croco (hereinafter referred to as the Crocodile Farm): a company with capital of 160071.47 euros, registered on the Trade and Company Register under no. 383 326 220 00027, with a registered office at Les Blachettes-26700 Pierrelatte.
"CUSTOMER": Any physical person with whom the Crocodile Farm has concluded a tourist product sales contract.
Hereinafter referred to collectively as the "Parties" and individually as the "Party".
"Order": Any contract linking the CUSTOMER to the Crocodile Farm enabling the purchase of one or more tourist products.
"Tourist Product": In these GCS, a Tourist Product constitutes the sale, for a total price, of one or more entrance tickets to the Crocodile Farm or any other product sold via the website.

1 - General Information
1.1 These GCS apply to any internet order of one or more Tourist Products by the CUSTOMER via the Crocodile Farm's Ticketing Website. These so-called Tourist Products can only be used on the day(s) chosen by the CUSTOMER when placing the order.
These GCS are available on the website.
1.2 The CUSTOMER declares having the capacity to enter into this contract, meaning that they are of legal age and are not under guardianship or trusteeship.
1.3 The placing of the Order implies the express and unreserved acceptance by the CUSTOMER of all the terms and conditions set out in these GCS. As a result, the CUSTOMER declares and acknowledges having a perfect understanding of these and thereby forfeits the ability to invoke any other document.
1.4 the Crocodile Farm reserves the right to make unilateral changes to these GCS at any time and to apply these to all Orders placed after the date of the changes.
1.5 The fact that the Crocodile Farm does not invoke one of these conditions within a given period cannot be interpreted as a waiver of its right to take advantage of this condition or, more generally, any other condition, at a later date.
1.6 Despite the terminology that may be used, these GCS apply to the provision of services and are not intended to bring about any transfer of ownership in such a way that none of these provisions should be construed as constituting a sale.

2 - Orders
2.1 Tourist Orders are subject to these GCS as well as any field-specific regulations.
2.2 To place an order, every CUSTOMER must be signed in after having first created an account with secure login information (user name and password).
After signing in, the CUSTOMER will complete a form detailing the desired services.
Before the final confirmation of an order, the CUSTOMER will have the opportunity to check their selection (order) and amend it at their leisure.
The order will not be finalised until the third and final validation of the order summary screen. This final "click" constitutes the handwritten signature provided for in Article 1341 of the French Civil Code (hereinafter referred to as "the acceptance click"). Following the acceptance click referred to above, the order is deemed irrevocable and may only be challenged in the cases provided for below. Before this final click, the CUSTOMER has the opportunity to identify any errors and correct them.
2.3 Once the order has been finalised, the CUSTOMER's computer is automatically redirected to a page confirming the final validation of the order. The CUSTOMER will also receive a confirmation email.
Only validation in the form of ticket with a bar code will permit entry to the Crocodile Farm. As such, this must be printed out by the CUSTOMER who will use it in accordance with the provisions of Article 2.6 herein.
2.4 The CUSTOMER is assured that their bank account will only be debited once by the Crocodile Farm via its secure payment website, for the total amount of the order of the Tourist Product following the final confirmation mentioned in 2.2.
2.5 All details included in confirmation emails shall be deemed accepted by the CUSTOMER unless challenged by a letter sent by recorded delivery with acknowledgement of receipt within 8 days. However, they may only be challenged if they differ from the bookings.
2.6 By saving and/or printing the confirmation page or e-mail sent by the Crocodile Farm, the CUSTOMER has proof of their order but this document cannot, under any circumstances, serve as a ticket for entry to the Crocodile Farm.
2.7 Tickets for entry to the purchased area shall be printed by the CUSTOMER directly on their own equipment
2.8 Pursuant to Article L.121-20-4, 2° of the French Consumer Code, the Customer does not benefit from the 7-day withdrawal period provided for in Article L.121-20 of the same code.

3 - General rules relating to the sale of Tourist Products
3.1 The purchase of a Tourist Product by the CUSTOMER for entry to the Crocodile Farm does not, under any circumstances, guarantee a seat for the shows and cannot give rise to any particular advantage when busy.
It may be that some of the activities described on the website are unavailable, particularly due to climatic reasons, a case of force majeure or visits during low season.
The cancellation of any activity due to a case of force majeure or the behaviour of a third party contractor shall not, under any circumstances, give rise to any compensation for the benefit of the CUSTOMER by the Crocodile Farm.
3.2 Prices
The descriptions of the Tourist Products given on the Ticketing Website state, for each product, the services included in the price. Prices are given in euros and include all taxes unless stated otherwise on the Ticketing Website.
Generally, and unless expressly mentioned otherwise, insurance and any personal expenses (food, drinks, tips, etc.) and more generally any service not expressly mentioned on the Ticketing Website are not included in prices.
The prices shown on the Ticketing Website may be changed at any time, without warning, with it being understood that such changes will not apply to previously accepted bookings.
3.3 The only payment method accepted for orders placed under these GCS is by credit or debit card (Carte Bleue, Visa, Eurocard/Mastercard are accepted). Payments made via the website are processed directly by the Crocodile Farm using the CUSTOMER's bank card number through a secure payment system. 3.4 The Crocodile Farm shall provide a summary invoice that gives the date and the amount paid by the CUSTOMER in relation to the Tourist Product.
3.5 Cancellation and modification
Any cancellation of or modification to the Tourist Product by the CUSTOMER must be sent to the Crocodile Farm by recorded letter with acknowledgement of receipt to the following address: La Ferme aux Crocodiles ' Service BILLETTERIE EN LIGNE ' 89520 TREIGNY
Except in the case of force majeure, should the CUSTOMER terminate the Tourist Product, all sums paid to the Crocodile Farm shall be retained by the Crocodile Farm without prejudice to any damages that the latter may claim due to damage sustained as a result of the cancellation.
Except in the case of force majeure and the fault of the CUSTOMER, if the Tourist Product is cancelled by the Crocodile Farm, the CUSTOMER shall receive a refund of all sums already paid in relation to the Tourist Product.
3.6 Photos and illustrations
Every effort shall be made to provide photos and illustrations that give the CUSTOMER an overview of the products sold; however, these are not contractual and shall not engage the liability of the Crocodile Farm.

5 - Obligations of the parties
5.1 The Crocodile Farm undertakes to process the Tourist Product Order, subject to the provisions of Article 8 below and the CUSTOMER's compliance with the procedure provided for in Article 2 above.
5.2 If, after the final validation of the order the Crocodile Farm is unable to fulfil its obligations, the Crocodile Farm reserves the right, so as to guarantee, where possible, a product that meets the CUSTOMER's expectations, to modify the initial allocation of the provisions provided that they meet the CUSTOMER's expectations; if appropriate, the Crocodile Farm should notify the CUSTOMER of any change as soon as possible.
5.3 Every visitor must abide by the internal rules displayed at the entrance to the sites included in the Tourist Product.
5.4 The CUSTOMER agrees to comply with all instructions given by the Crocodile Farm in relation to the organisation of the Tourist Product.
5.5 Orders cannot be transferred to a third party by the CUSTOMER without sending prior written notification to the Crocodile Farm.

6 - Liability
the Crocodile Farm may be exonerated from all or part of its liability by proving that the non-performance or improper performance of the contract is attributable to the CUSTOMER, an unforeseeable and insurmountable event, a third party unconnected to the provision of services provided under the GCS, or to a case of force majeure.
6.2 The CUSTOMER shall be liable for any damage, whether direct or indirect, that they may cause when at the Crocodile Farm, both in respect of the Crocodile Farm's staff and/or clientèle, or any equipment made available to the CUSTOMER by the Crocodile Farm.
6.3 The Crocodile Farm disclaims all liability for any damages of any nature whatsoever. In effect, each visitor is liable for any damage, whether direct or indirect, that it may cause when present on the site.
6.4 The SAS La Serre au Croco cannot, under any circumstances, be held liable in the case of the loss or theft of a ticket. However, a duplicate can be issued upon presentation of a form of ID, user name and reservation date at the dedicated ticket booth, provided the ticket hasn't been used.

7 - Cancellation
No service defined within the scope of these GCS can be refunded by the Crocodile Farm in the event of: (i) Non-use by the CUSTOMER within the conditions specified in Article 3.5 herein; (ii) A reason relating to the weather or the exceptional cancellation of a show.

8 - Force majeure
The Parties reserve the right to cancel the performance of the Tourist Product if required due to a case of force majeure or a fortuitous event and this without payment of any penalty or compensation.
Similarly, the management of the Crocodile Farm reserves the right to modify, without the payment of any penalty or compensation, the scheduling of the Tourist Product if required by a case of force majeure or a fortuitous event.

9 - Applicable law, complaints and disputes
9.1 These GCS are subject to French law.
9.2 Any complaint arising during the performance of the services defined herein must be submitted as soon possible by the CUSTOMER and at an appropriate place and in an appropriate manner so that the Crocodile Farm can find a solution as quickly as possible. In all cases, complaints must be sent by the CUSTOMER to the Crocodile Farm by recorded letter within one month of the performance of the services. This letter must state the Order number as well as the exact reasons for the said complaint.
Any dispute concerning the interpretation and/or performance of these conditions that the Parties are unable to resolve amicably shall be expressly referred to the competent courts.

10 - Personal data
10.1 Data collected by the Ticketing Website is intended for the Crocodile Farm. This data is subject to data processing for the purposes of processing the CUSTOMER's request and the commercial management of the Crocodile Farm, in particular:
-responding to requests for information sent via the Site,
- placing and managing orders,
- sending sales information when the CUSTOMER agrees to this or when permitted by legislation in force,
- establishing general statistics on visits to the Site so as to improve the services offered by the Crocodile Farm on this Site.
10.2 Pursuant to Law no. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 on Data Processing, Data Files and Individual Liberties, the CUSTOMER has the right to access, rectify and delete information relating to them. The CUSTOMER can exercise this right by contacting the data processing manager at SAS La Serre au Croco, whose head office is located at Guédelon D 955 89520 Tregny.
This is an individual right that can only be exercised by the person concerned in relation to their own information. For security reasons, the Crocodile Farm must verify their identity to avoid communicating their confidential information to another person.
The CUSTOMER's data may be sent by the Crocodile Farm to third parties for commercial means, provided the CUSTOMER gave their permission when completing the application form.
10.3 The fields on the application form followed by an asterisk must be completed. Otherwise, the Crocodile Farm will not consider the application.
The Crocodile Farm may also collect data on the use of the Site, for example pages that the CUSTOMER visits or services that they use, so as to better understand the expectations of the CUSTOMER and improve the operation of the Site. If the CUSTOMER does not want this, they can refer to the "cookies" section of this legal information.

10.4 Personal Account
The name and user name that the CUSTOMER is given when signing up for a personal account are personal and confidential.
The Crocodile Farm can however access the offers that the CUSTOMER selects in their personal account and study them to better determine the needs and expectations of the CUSTOMER.

When the CUSTOMER signs in to their personal account, a cookie is stored on their computer to facilitate their use of this account. If the CUSTOMER does not want this, they can refer to the "cookies" section of this legal information. 10.5 Cookies
The Crocodile Farm uses cookies which are files that are transferred to the CUSTOMER's computer but which do not identity them. Cookies store computer browsing information in relation to the site (pages visited, the date and time of the visit, etc.) and allow this to be extracted during subsequent connections to the Site so as to personalise the CUSTOMER's session.
This data may be stored on the computer until the date of booking.
The CUSTOMER can disable cookies by configuring their computer depending on which browser they use. The browser's "help" section will explain how to disable them. For example, the functions provided for by certain browsers are as follows: For Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 :
1. Select the "Tools" menu, then "Internet Options"
2. Click the "Confidentiality" tab
3. Select the desired level using the cursor

For Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 :
1. Select the "Tools" menu, then "Internet Options
2. Click the "Security" tab
3. Select "Internet" then "Custom Level"
4. Locate the "cookies" section and select the option that suits you

For Netscape 6.X and 7.X :
1. Select "Edit">"Preferences"
2. Confidentiality and Security
3. Cookies

For Firefox :
1. Select "Tools">"Options"
2. Click on the option "Private browsing"
3. "Cookies" section

For Opéra 6.0 and above:
1. Select "File" >"Preferences"
2. Private browsing

11 - Language
These conditions are written in French and English.